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Leila Heller Gallery is proud to announce its participation in Contemporary Istanbul art fair for 2017, taking place from the 14th to 17th of September, 2017.  Presenting artists Enoc Perez, Reza Aramesh, Dustin Yellin, Shoja Azari and Shahram Karimi, and Rob Wynne, the gallery is pleased that a calm in recent political unrest will once again allow Istanbul to flourish as a capital of culture.  “We are delighted to once again bring artists from East and West, with their contemporary expression, to this ancient city,” stated Heller.

Reza Aramesh, whose work has recently been shown at Art Basel, and has been selected for Frieze Art Fair, Lodnon, will include Action 121: Palestinians wait at the Rafah border point to cross into Egypt from the Gaza Strip. Tuesday, 8:00 a.m. 15 September 2009 (2013), a three panel hand finished silver gelatin photographic work re-enacting a moment from a border crossing, contrapuntally re-contextualized in a rare performance in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles Palace. An edition of this work will then be shown at the H2 Center for Contemporary Art in Germany in late September.  Likewise, Enoc Perez’s Soho House Istanbul (2017) equally positively portends things to come, as a rare preview of the New York based artist’s new body of work composed specifically for an of the architectural masterpieces of the MENA region, in an exhibition entitled Desert Bloom, opening September 21 at Leila Heller Gallery Dubai.