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Chastel was born in Belgium where she grew up and obtained a Master’s in Mathematics, she then moved to New York and worked in finance. Simultaneously, taking drawing classes at the Art Students League leading to figurative sculptures in terracotta and bronze, mastering the art of welding. Helena du Chastel got involved in art. The connection between the natural world and mathematics studied in Plato’s research intrigued her and so did the concept of sacred geometry. The idea that sacred shapes were not invented but found It is often called “sacred architecture” because it underlies everything and is woven into the fabric of all creation.

In using skills as a welder, Chastel has been able to assemble some natural shapes into bodies ultimately creating awareness that our physical world is intrinsically connected to geometry and symmetry. Recently she has used Corten steel, which develops a rusted appearance through a natural patination. The process of welding can be quite complicated at times, as a portion of the welding happens inside the object, obstructing the view of the overall composition until the final stages.

Chastel works in Brooklyn, NY.