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Series VI Calendars


Katty Biglari came to Washington DC in 1978 to attend Mount Vernon College. The Iranian Revolution had displaced her family, and it was the beginning of a long journey in the United States in pursuit of her dream of becoming a painter. Having received her BA in Interior Design in 1982, she was accepted at George Washington University to finally enter a Fine Arts program. Katty recalls the first inspiration that directed her towards a series of works that she started when she was a student. She was being taught traditional techniques and asked to produce traditional subject matters. One fall day, Katty was struck by the beauty of a tree that had turned all red. She broke off a branch and took it to her studio and painted her first "Leaf" painting. Before long, she was painting the leaves from my imagination, and it led to her MFA thesis of "Trees" in 1987.


Since then, Katty has continued working from her imagination and refining her personal theories of image-making. Katty works in abstraction and conveys her thoughts through the choices in imagery, color, and line. Time and space have been recurring themes, as she dwells on my own existence. The black and white series of paintings represent concepts of reflection, geometry, contrasts, and opposing forces. The tree does reappear in works that are more organic, introspective, and expressionistic. Katty has drawn on theories of automation, abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, and color to develop her imagery. Painting is her passion and the process is empowering. The image develops with every brushstroke, as her thoughts venture into quiet corners of memory and emotion. The image is developed through multiple layers of glazing over time.

Series VI Calendar 12

Heavy weight Canson paper

9.4 x 12.6 in

24 x 32 cm 

"The repetition of symbols is based on playing cards and outcomes — a metaphor for our lives as humans" - Katty Biglari